Nursery Crimes postcard with Frieda Kahlo and Vicent VanGogh on cover



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Nursery Crimes Exhibition -Sneak Peak Video





Slant Step drawing of how the slant step came to earth in a spaceship

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Art work by James Albertson and Julia Stagg shown at the
FlatLanders on the Slant
exhibition at the UCD Nelson Gallery July 12th-Aug 17th, 2012.

Excellent frieda kahlo and vicent vangogh drawing

Frieda and Vince, 2012

Pencil and Graphite drawing on paper 40" x 32"

Children dressing up and emulating the mannerisms or artistic idiosyncratics of the artist of whom they are learning.

These kids are play acting/ dressing up as Frieda Kahlo and Vincent Van Gogh. Can you pick out the clues as to who these actors are dressed as?




Wonder Bra, oil stick on paper, 30"x40" 2011-sold

I orginally created a drawing for the a Breast Cancer -Bra Show and follwed that up with this colored version.

The thought behind this drawing is one of wonder and power. What is this wonder thing that moms wear and how does the wearer gain power? Is that power lost? It is only kids playing with mommy's bra but...

wonder bra drawing in oil stick. baby with bra on his head



DRAWINGS 2004 - 2009
torilla maker
The Torilla Maker
bookstore drawing
last will and testament
Last Will and Testament -sold
forest people drawing
Forest People
Fortune Teller

The Hospital Stay

Artistic Muses
american portrait with artists and putti
American Portrait





filing at the office
Office filing
studio work
Artist's Studio

in the park drawing
In the Park
day in the park
Day In the Park<
wedding party with friends and fans
The Wedding Party
not available
in the park drawing
In the Park with Guards



COLOR 2003 - 2011
little miss muffet
last will and testament

Daddy's Girl Collection


daddy's girl watercolor



I am a visual aritst peon living in sunny Sacramento. I care about children's issues and try to translate that caring to the themes in my drawings and painting

Themes in my work include the motifs of children and women and the literary histories that explore and explain the “why” of archetypes in our daily relations and beliefs. In our American society we have all around us believable truths presented in forceful visuals that attempt to explain or change the physical/emotional realities of our lives. My aim is to take a slice of that abundant dialog, explore the historical current of that theme and present it via drawing or painting. Or simply to talk back to it and enjoy life while creating art.






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